Prop. R

Prop. R will ensure St. Louis Community College programs and facilities can meet the job training and retraining demands for the good-paying jobs of today and tomorrow. The proposal will also provide safe, accessible and affordable community college for St. Louis residents.

Vote Yes on Tuesday, Aug. 3

Outdated Job Training Facilities

It’s been more than half a century since many of STLCC’s facilities were updated. Technology, workplaces and the workforce have changed a lot since then. To provide safe, accessible training for in-demand jobs, facilities must be updated.

Waitlists For Critical Job Training Programs

STLCC graduates are the foundation of the St. Louis workforce, but many of the college’s healthcare, information technology and financial service programs are at or over capacity. Demand for these graduates continues to rise, and thousands of job openings are available in these fields. STLCC must expand its programs in order to meet this important demand.

An Affordable Solution

For just pennies a day, we can provide real-world learning opportunities to grow our St. Louis economy and protect the investment we’ve made in our community college by keeping our programming current and our facilities up-to-date in good working condition.

We Need Your Help!

Help pass Prop. R for St. Louis Community College.

Your Vote Will Make The DIfference

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Vote Yes for Prop. R on or before Tuesday, Aug. 3

Our Supporters

Dr. Kelvin Adams

AGC of Missouri

Warner L. Baxter,
Chairman and CEO, Ameren

David and Elaine Berland

Husch Blackwell

John Bowman,
CEO of The St. Louis County Branch of the NAACP

Adrian Bracy, CEO, YWCA

Michael Cannon

Jim Carrington,
President and CEO, Danforth Plant Science Center

Cigna/Express Scripts

Maxine Clark, Founder, Build-A-Bear

Dr. Candice Carter-Oliver

David Conner

John P. Dubinsky

Ida H. Early

Tami and Jim Fernandez

Sam Fiorello, President and CEO of Cortex Innovation Community

Richard C. D. Fleming

Bob Fox, Founder, Newspace, Inc.

Karen and Chuck Friedman

Rodney Gee

Angela R Gibson

Steve and Sue Givens

Judy and Mark Goodman

Rev. Doris Ann Graham, Ph.D. St. Louis Lifetime Achiever Local 420 St. Louis Teachers Union, Lifetime Achiever St.Louis American Newspaper Foundation, 24:1 Clergy Coalition, Deer Valley Hospice

Greater North County Chamber of Commerce

Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis

Christine Jacobs

Marylen Mann and Frank Jacobs

Beth Johnston

Kyle R. Juvers

Kirkwood – Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce

The Labor Tribune

Laborers-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust of MO

Laborers’ Local 42

Laborers’ Local 110

Craig H. Larson, Ed.D., Retired School Administrator and Member STLCC Board of Trustees

Elizabeth Lawlor

Edward F Lawlor

David and Sidney Leipholtz

Richard J. Liekweg,
President and CEO, BJC Healthcare

Jonathan Losos

Danny Ludeman, CEO of Concordance

Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Malone, Pres. 24-1 Clergy Coalition

Steve Maritz

Dr. Art McCoy, STL.Works Leader and Champion

John F. McDonnell

Jim McKelvey

Michael McMillian, Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis


Mid-America Transplant


Trent Moeller

Margaret M. Mooney

Susan Murray

North County Inc.

Fred Pestello, President, Saint Louis University

Adolphus M. Pruitt II, President of the St. Louis City Branch of the NAACP

Kathy Reeves

Regional Business Council


Donn Rubin, Founding President & CEO, BIOSTL

Angie Schaefer

Jeff Shafer and Tali Light

Crista Carr Shatz and Gerald Shatz

St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council

St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council

Saint Louis University

Andrew Sobel


SSM Health

Andrew C. Taylor

Colleen Tepen

Henry Warshaw

Washington University in St. Louis

Hank Webber

Mayor Geri Welch

Robin and Tim Wentworth

Jim and Mary Wertsch

West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce

Mary Wildt

Gerhild Williams

Hon. Brian M. Wingbermuehle

Mark S. Wrighton, Professor and Chancellor Emeritus, Washington University

Risa Zwerling